North Farm Waste Facility - temporary closure

Published: 30 August 2017

You may be aware that Kent County Council operate a Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) and a Waste Transfer Station (WTF) at North Farm in Tunbridge Wells. Following a fire last year at the WTF, KCC need to close the facility to carry out permanent repairs and are taking the opportunity to carry out improvements to prolong the life of the site. The site will be closed from 18 September for around ten weeks. This will impact both on our residents that use the HWRC and a number of our refuse collection crews that use the WTF to dispose of black bin waste as well as some waste from the bulky collection service & Saturday freighter service.

As a result of the closure, a number of the TMBC’s collection vehicles that would normally tip at North Farm will have to travel direct to the energy-from-waste plant at Allington or the WTF at Dunbrik, near Sevenoaks. TMBC has been working closely with KCC and their contractor, Veolia, to minimise disruption to the refuse & bulky collections during this ten week closure, which means they have made some changes to the collection routes for that period. However, so long as residents have their bin out by 7am on their normal collection day, they should experience no disruption, apart from the bin being emptied earlier or later than normal that day. As TMBC don't give time slots for the bulky collection service, those customers should notice no change.

Details of alternative HWRCs for residents to use during the closure can be found on KCC's Website. As usage of the other sites nearest to TMBC (Maidstone & Sevenoaks) will no doubt increase during this period, residents may wish to make use of ’TMBC's Bulky Collection Service to save having to queue.

These details have been added to TMBC’s Waste Services Update page to which residents can sign up using the My Account facility