Representatives on Outside Bodies
  • TMBC Parish Partnership Panel Cllrs Penny Graham and Stephanie Watson
  • KALC (Tonbridge and Malling Area) Clls Penny Graham and Stephanie Watson 

Councillor’s Areas

Each Councillor represents the village as a whole but for administrative purposes the village has been divided into areas. The areas allocated to members are as follows:

  • Hale Street, Bardsley Close, Hale Court, Medway Meadows & Cates Court  
    S. Page
  • Smithers Lane, Pattenden Gardens, Hop Bine Close, Smithers Court, Beltring Road, Branbridges Road & Maidstone Road 
    J. Hockey
  • Old Road, Strettitt Gardens, Pinkham & Pinkham Gardens 
    P. Graham
  • Addlestead Road, Chidley Cross Road, Caysers Croft & Tonbridge Road 
    L. Wright
  • Pound Road, The Old Dairy & Snoll Hatch Road 
    D. Roberts
  • Orchard Road, The Freehold, Red Roses, Marvillion & Crown Acres (Odds) 
  • Whitebine, Golding & Henham Gardens & Crown Acres (evens) 
    M. Barton
  • Fell Mead, Stockenbury, Bramley Road, Pippin Road & Russett Road 
    S. Watson
  • Hatches Lane, Bullen Lane, Bells Farm Road & Stanford Lane & Grove Close
  • Westwood Road, Drage Road, William Luck Close & Cotman Way 
    H. Harratt
  • Old Church Lane, Court Lodge, Roydon Hall Road, Seven Mile Lane, Bush Road, Martins Lane & Church Lane 
    M. Ferguson


Councillors Profiles

Serina Page
Penny Graham
Lynton Wright
John Blurb 

Local Organisations & Groups

The 2017/2018 membership of local organisations and groups is as follows:

Kent Association of Local Councils
Action with Communities in Rural Kent
Village Tree Warden
Community Resilience
Parish Partnership Panel
Village Transport Representative
Jubilee Hall
Environmental Enhancements
Library Keyholder
Village Planting
Voluntary warden for B2015 Branbridges
Road Nature Reserve
Borough Cllr. Liaison

Chairman & Deputy Chairman
L. Wright
P. Graham & M. Ferguson
Chairman & Deputy Chairman
Planning Committee Chairman
The Clerk
M. Ferguson
The Clerk
J. Hockey
S. Watson
P. Graham
P. Graham
Planning Committee 
The Clerk
Lymton Wright
Penny Graham
Michael Ferguson