East Peckham is one of the first villages in the borough of Tonbridge and Malling to install a defibrillator in order to provide fast-response action for anyone suffering a cardiac arrest in the parish.

Sudden cardiac death can affect anyone at any time, including about 12 people per week in the UK under the age of 35. When someone suffers a cardiac arrest, swift action is critical to ensure survival. However, due to the time it can take an ambulance to reach rural villages survival from cardiac arrest is reduced when compared to major towns – each minute of delay reduces the chance of survival by about 10%. As a result, the South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAMB) has made it a priority to install defibrillators in rural communities and train villagers to use them.

Modern defibrillators are highly automated, light and portable and, after brief training, very easy to use. The defibrillator has been installed on the outside of the Jubilee Hall (by the Parish Office) and is available 24hrs a day.

East Peckham Parish Council is delighted to be involved in this important community initiative, because the Jubilee Hall is in the heart of the community the defibrillator can be easily and quickly accessible to anyone who needs it. A defibrillator training programme has already started for anyone who wishes to learn how to use the device. The aim is to train as many people as possible to ensure that someone who knows how to use it is always on hand. Training is available free of charge, if you wish to learn more please let us know.

The emergency services have been advised of the availability of the defibrillator in the village and its location, anyone requiring its availability will be advised of the access code of dialling 999.

Emily Ellis
Parish Clerk
East Peckham Jubilee Hall