There is a new history trust in the process of being set up in Margaret Lawrence’s name – more details to follow!

Local History Book List

Churches Conservation Trust “Guide to St Michael’s Church”
John Vigar New Edition 2006 Price TBA (Obtainable at the Church)

For All the Saints. St.Michael’s Church East Peckham. Parish and People.
Margaret Lawrence. ISBN 0- 906746- 60- 4 (Published 2004) £15 (Hard back £17.50) Dedicated to the thousands of men and women over many centuries whose lives were influenced by St.Michael’s Church. (Proceeds to Churches Conservation Trust for the maintenance of St.Michael’s Church). 

The Bridge Over the Stream.
East Peckham 1894 – 1994. Margaret Lawrence. £5 (Available from village shops) A pictorial history of village scenes over the century. Written to celebrate 100 years of the Parish Council. (Profits to the village school).  

The New Church - Holy Trinity, East Peckham 1840 onwards.
Margaret Lawrence. £3 (Available from village shops or from the Vicarage) A history of the new Victorian Church portraying village life. (Profits to the church).  

The Jubilee Book 1952 - 1977
Text by Margaret Lawrence. £3 (Available Brookside Nurseries) Records the development of the village in the first 25 years of the Queen’s reign (Profits would now go to the Village Hall fund). 

East Peckham Methodist Church 1798 - 1998
Peter Morgan. £5 (Available from the Manse, Westwood Road, East Peckham) Written to commemorate the 200th anniversary of East Peckham Methodist Church.  

The Encircling Hop.
A History of Hops and Brewing Margaret Lawrence. ISBN 1-872489-03-06 (Published by Sawd Publications, Sittingbourne) £7.95 Mainly based on previously unpublished papers from the Whitbread Hop Farm and has much East Peckham interest, illustrating life in a hopping village.

A Peckham Prospect.
Produced by East Peckham Historical Society to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth in 2002. £3.50 (Available from P.A.Lawrence) 

Please Note The following titles are now out of print but copies are available in East Peckham Library. 

Through This Door. St.Michaels Church East Peckham 1558 - 1972.
Margaret Lawrence. A picture of some of the people who have walked through the door of the church based on the parish registers. Written to commemorate the closure of the old parish church. 

Remember East Peckham.
Margaret Lawrence. A pictorial history showing old village scenes. 

Peckham Pupils.
The Development of Education in a Wealden Village. Margaret Lawrence. Published by Kent County Library. Copies also available at the Centre for Kentish Studies, County Hall, Maidstone. 

A Manor Through Four Centuries
R.Cook. (Published 1938) A History of Roydon Hall, East Peckham.


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