Update to Household Waste Recycling Centre Policies

Published: 09 January 2018

Update to Household Waste Recycling Centre Policies

I am writing to advise you of amendments to three policies in operation at Kent Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs). These policies have been amended in relation to the delivery of the Kent Waste Disposal Strategy.

A review of Kent County Council waste management services has recently been undertaken, resulting in amendments to the following policies with effect from 1 February 2018:
Trailer size limit
The 1m³ capacity limit has now formally been replaced with the length limit of 2.05m (the size currently used by site staff to ascertain policy compliance). The updated policy with effect from 1 February 2018 is:

Trailer bodies must comply with the following:

  • Not more than 2.05m in length.
  • Sides of trailers must not be built up to allow for more capacity as this is unsafe and access to sites will not be granted.
  • Trailers must not be overloaded, and must be within the vehicles towing capacity.
  • No agricultural trailers or horse boxes are permitted.
  • Trailers cannot be used with restricted vehicles as outlined in the HWRC operating policies. • Conformance with all Kent HWRC policies. 
Tyre charge and limit

For clarity, and in response to customer feedback, the charge and limit has been amended to:

Domestic Tyres delivered by householders may be accepted as follows:

  • Domestic car and motorbike tyres only to be accepted.
  • Limited to 5 tyres per visit.
  • A charge of £2.50 per tyre applies.
  • Commercial/Agricultural tyres will not be accepted. 
Dartford Cross Border Permit Scheme

The Dartford cross border permit scheme is vital in reducing the amount of cross border waste from neighbouring authority areas (mainly Bexley and Bromley) from entering the Dartford HWRC. The policy has been amended to bring the scheme in line with neighbouring authority Bexley Council, whilst ensuring adequate fees are recovered to manage the treatment and disposal of cross border waste entering the Dartford HWRC. Operation of the policy will remain the same, however the payment required by cross border customers will increase from £5 to £10 per visit.

The Kent County Council Corporate Director for Growth, Environment & Transport, has recently approved these policy amendments.

Kent County Council will monitor customer adherence to the updated policies across the Kent HWRC network, to reduce risk of abuse by domestic and trade visitors. Any excessive use will be identified and if required, investigated.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely
Nichola Hood Waste Business Partnership Manager 

Waste Management Floor 1 Invicta House Maidstone Kent ME14 1XX

Contact us at: www.kent.gov.uk/waste
Telephone: 03000 413393
Ask for: Nichola Hood