Do you have time to spare? SHOW YOU CARE

Published: 18 January 2018

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Do you have time to spare?

Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS) has teamed up with singer and Kent resident Cheryl Baker to encourage people across Kent and Medway to think about people we know who may live alone or in isolation, or just someone who might need a bit of extra support, so together we can keep them safe and well, and reduce their risk from fire.

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How does Show You Care work?

This is a voluntary initiative and it’s entirely down to you to think about someone you can support.

You can register with us by filling out our online form (this is optional) as we would like you to keep in touch with us and tell us how you’re helping to support a senior person or young family. You can even submit a photograph of you with your friend or relative, just email it to:

Please follow Kent Fire and Rescue Service on Facebook and you could post your picture there (make sure you check with them first of course!).

  • Remember not to post any personal details like full name or address.
  • Simply tell us their first name, the town where they live and how you’re sharing your time together.

We will send you an email from time to time to encourage you to think about things you can do to help your friend stay safe and well, plus information about other organisations that can also be a good support for them too.

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What’s expected of me?

We would suggest you visit once a week - make it manageable for both of you. Try not to over promise – keep it to a frequency that you can commit to.

If you can’t make it for any reason, always let them know as they may worry about you. We understand life is busy, so things may can come up from time to time so some weeks you may need to cancel.

If you can’t visit for some reason, you could even make a phone call – which would still help bring a smile to their face. Conversations with your friend should be kept confidential.

How can I help people live a safer life?

The KFRS ‘Simple STEPS to staying safe and well’ are:

Five Simple Steps

We’re also hoping that you could think about finding out if they’re eligible for a FREE Safe and Well Visit with Kent Fire and Rescue Service – 0800 923 7000

A friendly, weekly, 30 minute visit can make all the difference to someone who lives alone or struggling with life’s pressures.

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Kent Fire and Rescue Service operates on a 24
hour basis, so by signing up to this service you may
receive alerts at any time of the day or night.