Published: 12 July 2018

In the past week, East Peckham Parish Council has been frustrated that the Jubilee Hall, the car park and the allotment site have been targeted and we have been on the receiving end of anti-social behaviour, vandalism and criminal damage.

On Wednesday, 04 July, the allotments were broken into, fencing and the allotment shed were damaged and two rotovators stolen

On Monday, 09 July, four young lads were seen smoking weed in the car park

On Wednesday, 11 July, when most people were watching the football three juvenile hooligans got on top of the sports hall roof, for fun they decided to rip off ‘pipes’ and throw them into the car park. The police were called and they arrived in time to apprehend the trio and escort them home. We have estimated that the cost to repair the damage will be in the region of £2,500 and we are liaising with the police about pressing charges against those responsible and recovering the cost of the damage and repairs.

At the present time, the Parish Council is spending a great deal of time and money (your money) on issues such as these. Money which we would rather spend on improving the facilities on offer at the Playing Fields and elsewhere in the village.

Please, we need your help, if you witness any anti-social behaviour or acts of criminal behaviour or vandalism, do please let us, the PCSO or the Community Warden know.