Published: 10 January 2019

Christmas Tree 


The 2018 Christmas Lights were fantastic, and we would like the 2019 Christmas Lights to be bigger, brighter and better. The Parish Council would therefore like to set up a Community Group to help us fundraise and organize the 2019 Christmas Lights and Switch On event.
To volunteer and for more information, please email


Thank you for your wonderful comments about this years Christmas Lights, the eagle eyed out there will have noticed that this year we have extended the white lights to cover more of the village centre and they are now creeping up Pound Road. The lights however do not come cheap, this years display and the Switch On event has so far cost in excess of £9,000 of which the Parish Council has committed to spend £5,000, the remainder has to come from grants and donations and this year we have been particularly delighted to have received £560 from TMBC, £545 from the fundraising Pub Quiz, a massive £3.925 from the Co-op Community Fund, £323 in donations on the evening of the Switch On event and we must not forget Brookside Garden Centre who donated the splendid Christmas Tree. Amongst items we still have to pay for are the energy costs and the dismantling of the Christmas Tree. Any money remaining from this years Christmas Lighting budget will automatically be carried over to next year and used on the 2019 Christmas Lights.

On 18 December we will be meeting with our current supplier to discuss next years Christmas Lighting, the good news is that we are now out of contract with the present supplier and the lights now belong to the village. This means that if we keep the same display next year we will only have to pay for installation and dismantling which will be a lot cheaper and we can look at getting some more new motifs for the streetlight columns or revamping the star ones which we already have – sadly after many years use they do need a bit of TLC before we are able to use them again.