Police information regarding fraud attempts on elderly people

Published: 05 October 2018

Below shows some recent incidents where elderly people were contacted by phone and asked to withdraw or transfer money. We would like to spread the message to elderly/vulnerable residents that this is a scam and if they receive a telephone call requesting that they go to the bank and withdraw or transfer money to another account for any reason that they should not do this – that it is a scam! If you’re able to help spread this message that would be great.

3rd October

Fraud at Barclays Bank, 8 Calverley Road, Tunbridge Wells.

90-yr-old female attended the bank & tried to transfer £15,000 from her account into another account. She told bank staff she’d been instructed to do this by someone who purported to be from Barclays Bank. They told her to say the money was for a family member. No monies were transferred.

3rd October

Fraud -Lloyds Bank, High Street, Tonbridge.

Female in the bank stating the Police have contacted her outlining that her account has been compromised and to send £8400 to a Police account. She gets a taxi to Tonbridge however bank call police no monies transferred.

If you know anyone who has been a victim of something similar then they should report this to the Police on ‘101’. They can also speak to the KCC Community Wardens who can arrange a visit and offer support. For information on this contact Janet Greenroyd, Team Leader on 0777 3397131.