Published: 14 March 2019


Rogue Traders working in the village

14 March 2019


Please be aware, I have been informed of Rogue Traders working in the village, using the telephone as an initial contact. They are claiming to be Police officer and asking for monies to be handed over. They will then send a courier to your door to collect the money they have requested. Do Not hand over any money or your personal details to anyone.

I have also received two calls recently regarding phone call from HMRC stating there is a warrant for your arrest. This is also a scam. Do Not press any buttons on your phone just hang up immediately.

These are both scams and need to be reported to the Police using 101 or if someone is at your door 999 and also Action Fraud. Neither the Police or HMRC would contact you by phone and ask for personal details to be shared.

If you are worried about this or would like to discuss it further, please call me on 07969584183

Sandra Edmonds

KCC Community Warden 


Dear Parents, 

We have had further incidents of children bashing on people’s front doors over the weekend. Unfortunately it appears that the houses are being targeted and involve our elderly and vulnerable. We are led to believe that the people responsible may be young teenagers. Can you please have a word with your young people and make them aware that their actions are causing distress and this is not necessary or responsible behaviour! Police and PCSO have been notified.
If residents are experiencing any issues out of the ordinary, please report immediately to 101
Thank you for your help and co-operation with this matter.



Unfortunately I have been made aware that some youngsters are being irresponsible during the dark evenings, by knocking loudly on people’s front doors and then running off.
This can cause distress to our elderly residents, who have been advised to call the Police if they are worried or feel unsafe.
Please look out for your elderly neighbours and report any concerns you have in the first instance to 101, and then as a follow up call to myself.
Thank you
Sandra Edmonds
KCC Community Warden