Speed Watch scheme in East Peckham UPDATE

Published: 16 December 2019

Speed Monitoring
We have been contacted recently by several residents who had expressed concern regarding speeding. We subsequently asked our PCSO to carry out a speed monitoring exercise which she did with our Community Warden. Speed checks have been carried out at the junction of Pound Road with Bramley Road, Pound Road (Village Centre), Hale Street and Church Lane with the results as follows:

  • Pound Road / Bramley Road 30 mph zone 21 vehicles checked with speeds 21-32 mph
  • Hale Street 40 mph zone 20 vehicles checked with speeds 22-39 mph
  • Pound Road (Village Centre) 30 mph zone 16 vehicles checked with speeds 17 – 29 mph
We are of the opinion that the results are inconclusive, we have therefore asked for additional speed checks to be carried out at various times of day and for Old Road and Chidley Cross Road be included in future speed monitoring exercises.
Whilst the council was delighted that the issue has generated much interest, only three expressions of interest were received from people outside the council who were interested in helping to run and coordinate a scheme. It is with regret therefore that the council has decided not to take any further action at this time.
The council was hoping to acquire equipment with the support of 100% grant assistance. In the first year the costs would therefore have been negligible apart from having to pay for items such as insurance and consumable parts.
If there is renewed interest and more volunteer support, then the council will be more than happy to revisit this issue.

Would you like a SpeedWatch scheme in East Peckham

Some residents have voiced concerns about excessive speeds on our roads. To address the problem and with the help of a grant from our County Councillor, we’re considering purchasing a Speed Indicator Device. As we have to ascertain if there is community support we need your help. We need to prove the need for the scheme by identifying suitable locations and a team of volunteers who will be responsible for coordinating the scheme, the periodical relocation of the Speed Indicator Device and battery charging and changing. If you are interested and would like to find out more we would be delighted to hear from you. A decision is expected to be made on 21 January.