East Peckham Loyalty Scheme

Published: 15 July 2019

East Peckham Loyalty Scheme

Winners to date

 Dec 2019 Sep 2019Jul 2019  Mar 2019 Dec 2018 Sept  2018
  1st Maisie Bosworth 
2nd  Hollie Bradford
3rd Mrs Keily
1st Janet Cullum
2nd Glynis Brown
3rd Alison Shoeman
1st M Foster
2nd B Hope
3rd J Buchanan
1st Prize Margaret Dartnall
2nd Prize Tim Wakerly
3rd Prize Ann Day

Published Date:28/05/19 

We are delighted to confirm that Blossoming Beauty in Pound Road has joined the Loyalty Scheme as a participating business. Participating businesses now include Khan Spice, Blossoming Beauty, East Peckham Post Office, Village Stores, Pams Pantry, Pound Fish Bar, Oriental Gourmet Kitchen, County Fires, Heavenly Glaze and Headlocks Hair Design. Each business sets its own minimum spend level and stamps the loyalty cards, when the cards are full they are returned to the Parish Office where they are entered into one of our quarterly prize draws. Loyalty cards can be collected from the Parish Office or from the participating businesses.

East Peckham Red Box Project - We are delighted to announce today that Blossoming Beauty in Pound Road has joined the Red Box Project and are now accepting donations.

The idea behind the Red Box Project is to quietly ensure no young woman misses school or suffers embarrassment because she has her period. We know that schools already do what they can in this area, but the Red Box Project is all about giving young women in need - whether for financial or social reasons - the reassurance of enough sanitary pads for their entire period plus a couple left over for next time. We currently have three donation points; they are the Jubilee Hall, Blossoming Beauty and Touch of Perfection at The Hop Farm. Our Community Warden can also accept donations. We are asking for donations of sanitary items. This is a very simple, no frills project and is entirely funded by community kindness, woman to young woman. When the boxes are full we will take them into the local schools. We hope this project really makes a difference.

We are sponsoring three Red Boxes, these are at East Peckham Primary, Mascalls Academy and Hadlow Community College. We have received some amazing donations this past month and this week have taken top up supplies to all three schools.

Published: 20 June 2018

The Parish Council is delighted to announce the launch of its East Peckham Shop Local Loyalty Scheme.

So far participating businesses include-

  • Village Butcher and Store
  • Headlocks Hair Design
  • Pams Pantry
  • Post Office and Store
  • Heavenly Glaze
  • Country Fires
  • Irelands Bakery
  • Pound Fish Bar
  • Oriental Gourmet Kitchen
  • Bourne Produce
  • Field Pharmacy
  • Khan Spice
Loyalty Scheme

Loyalty Scheme

Loyalty Scheme
Published: 29 March 2018

In spring 2018, East Peckham Parish Council will be launching the ‘East Peckham Loyalty Scheme’. The aim of the scheme is to support local independent businesses by encouraging and incentivising people to shop locally.

The scheme is a prize draw scheme and not a discount scheme and there is no cost to the participating businesses.

How the scheme will work

  • Customers will collect stamps/stickers on their loyalty cards at participating businesses. 
  • Each business will be responsible for setting its own minimum spend criteria and any exclusions (e.g. prescription medicines, formula milk)
  • Once the card is full (10 stamps/stickers), it can be posted in one of the collection boxes for entry into the bi-monthly prize draw. The customer can then start collecting stamps/stickers on a new card.
  • Every two months, three winners will be selected at random from the completed cards submitted over the preceding two months. The prizes will be funded by the Parish Council and will be:
  • 1st prize - £20 of East Peckham shopping vouchers (4 x £5.00 vouchers)
  • 2nd prize - £10 of East Peckham shopping vouchers (2 x £5.00 vouchers)
  • 3rd prize - £5 of East Peckham shopping vouchers (1 x £5.00 voucher)

Winners will be contacted and will be announced on the Parish Council website and Facebook page

Prize vouchers can be collected from the Parish Council office and can be spent at any of the participating businesses. Participating businesses will then claim the equivalent cash value back from the Parish Council.

Would you like to participate in the scheme?

The scheme is open to local independent businesses. If you would like to participate, please let the Parish Council know. You will need to decide what minimum spend criteria you wish to apply for your business, eg, one stamp per transaction with a minimum spend of £5.00. The Parish Council will then provide you with stamps/stickers, posters and promotional material and a supply of loyalty cards.