Published: 05 July 2019

Our 2019 summer recess will be from 16 July - 01 September, during this time there’ll be no meetings and our office open hours will be reduced. This doesn’t mean we stop work; business continues as usual; please send emails to councilmanager@eastpeckham-pc.gov.uk, twitter messages to @EastPeckhamPC or you can contact us through our website www.eastpeckham-pc.gov.uk.

If you’d like to speak to someone, please contact:

Karen Bell Parish Clerk 01622 871309 / 07376 377687

Steph Watson Chairman 01622 870154 / 07944 212262

Mick Barton Deputy Chairman 01622 872031 / 07860 947031

James Hockey Chairman, Planning & Transportation Committee 07834 854526

Our office hours will be as follows

Week Commencing 22 July 2019 TBC

29 July 2019 TBC

05 August 2019 TBC

12 August 2019 CLOSED

19 August 2019 CLOSED

26 August 2019 CLOSED

Whilst we look forward to your visits, if you have an important matter which you wish to discuss, please make an appointment so that we can make sure we’re available. Karen works part time and is sometimes at external meetings and therefore not always available. If you’d like to speak to a Councillor please write, phone or email and a Councillor will contact you; alternatively, you can contact a Councillor via our website www.eastpeckham-pc.gov.uk. Don’t forget that our website is a useful tool too where you can find out more about East Peckham and your Parish Council, on the website you will find regular updates, details of all Parish Council meetings and links to agendas, consultations and other information relevant to the whole village.