Coronavirus – Community Support Updated 19/03/20

Published: 19 March 2020


Thank you everyone for all you wonderful offers of support which have been flooding into us over the past few days.

We now have 27 volunteers with coverage in the following roads:

Addlestead Road
Church Lane
Drage Road
Golding Gardens
Hale Street
Old Dairy
Old Road
Paddock Wood
Pippin Road
Pound Road
Russet Road
The Freehold
Westwood Road

We are continuing to take volunteer forms but we need now to know those who need help so that we can start helping our community during this unprecedented time. 


East Peckham Parish Council has joined community efforts to look after the most vulnerable in our society by volunteering to pick up shopping, deliver medicine and even offer music lessons to defeat boredom. Despite some concerns raised over the safeguarding of the elderly, we want to help our neighbours in self - isolation and boosting morale.

People who feel capable of helping those in need register as volunteers. Homes are then leafleted with information about what help is on offer as well as contact details including a telephone number and a message of hope and support. Those in self-isolation can then request the help.

Below we have prepared some information on - 

Let us all do our bit to help each other in this challenging of circumstances.

To our wonderful East Peckham community

We wanted to let you know that you are in our thoughts, and hope that you and your loved ones remain healthy and safe as we go through this trying period together. Just as I’m sure you are doing your part to take all necessary precautions to protect those around you, we’ve also taken numerous steps to help you.

We’ve always taken pride in the fact that an important purpose of East Peckham Parish Council is to provide leadership in the community and its times like this that cause all of us to reflect and reminds us how fortunate we are to live and work in East Peckham. The Parish Council will never take this special relationship for granted and know that we’re always with you…whether that is in the Parish Office, on Facebook or on our website.

Karen Bell
Council Manager