Published: 29 April 2020

Due to Covid 19, most of our VE Day commemorations which were scheduled to take place over the weekend of 08 May – 10 May have understandably been cancelled, there are still a few things we are able to do which we’d like to share with you.

Firstly at 3.00 p.m. on Friday 08 May 2020, there will be a short Act of Remembrance at the War Memorial which will be carried out by Rev. Anthony Carr, Mick Barton will be there representing the Royal British Legion and will be laying a wreath or flowers. Steph Watson representing the Parish Council will be reading The Tribute to the Millions. This will then be followed by the Nations Toast. We have set up a zoom meeting so that you are able to join in from the safety of your own homes. We will then put the film on Facebook and on our website. A VE Day commemorative flag has been ordered and this will be flown from the village flag pole for the entire weekend.

Unfortunately we have had to abandon our plans to light the Beacon. You are still however able to take part in the following timed events:

2.55pm The playing of the Last Post – Buglers
Trumpeters and cornet players might like to consider playing the Last Post from the safety of their front or back garden, outside their front door or from their balcony or window. We would ask you not to play in an area that could attract a group of people however.

3pm The piping of Battle’s O’er and VE 75 Years
As with playing the Last Post, individual pipers could play these two stirring marches from their front or back garden, at their front door or from their balcony or window. It is extremely important to adhere to the Government’s restrictions so bands will not be able to play together and individual pipers should not perform in areas that might attract people.

3pm The Nation’s Toast to the Heroes of WW II
We would very much like to encourage residents to still take part in the Nation’s Toast from the safety of their homes to pay tribute to the many millions in the United Kingdom and overseas who sacrificed so much to secure the freedom we have today. People can stand at 3pm and raise a glass or cup of refreshment of their choice and undertake the following toast: “For those that gave so much, we thank you.”

6.55pm The Cry for Peace Around the World.
Those who wish to take part can perform the Cry for Peace from their front or back garden, at their front door or from their balcony or window. The words can be found on the Download page of the VE Day 75 website - www.veday75.org . Please don’t perform it from a place that might encourage people to gather.

The zoom meeting information is below

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 871 9126 3717
Password: 818134