East Peckham Tennis Court

Published: 12 May 2020

Rules of Use
People are only supposed to play in singles, with members of their own households or with one other person who is not a member of their household.

What are the potential stumbling blocks?
In a sporting context, one involves the social dimension. The actual hitting of tennis balls is less problematic than the natural inclination to have a chat before, after, and maybe even during the session. This will not be an issue if people obey the advice to play only with members of their own household.

Will it be safe to play?
If you stick with your own family, then the primary danger would be touch-transfer via hard surfaces around the court. Such threats could be avoided with care and the use of gloves.

How could tennis be adapted to ensure it can be played safely?
Singles is clearly preferable to doubles, from a safety perspective. And the best way to reduce the possibility of touch-transfer is for each player to bring a different can of balls – which must be marked in some way to distinguish it from their partner’s. Changes of ends are best avoided.

Users, using the tennis court do so at their own risk,
Please wash your hands regularly as the Parish Council is unable to provide these facilities at this time.
REMINDER: The tennis court is for TENNIS ONLY – no bikes, skateboards, or dogs PLEASE.