Message from the Debt Team at Citizens Advice North and West Kent.

Published: 07 July 2020

Surprisingly, we have seen a reduction of clients seeking debt advice. This may be due to the fact that clients are unable to see advisers for face to face appointments but we believe a significant factor is likely to be because the government stepped in to provide a halt on, for example, repossessions and bailiff enforcement of debts. These measures are only temporary and whilst welcome, they did not extinguish the debts. Unless extended, they are due to come to an end on 23 August.
We are trying to encourage people to seek help sooner rather than later with their debts and arrears, rather than to leave it until restrictions on enforcement are eased. To that end, we have produced a leaflet which is attached inviting people to get in touch by email or telephone to seek help. We want to get the message across to people that the sooner they address their debts, the easier they will be to resolve.

Debt Leaflet Front Page

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