The Merry Boys Public House

Published: 07 July 2020

On Monday 06 July 2020, this planning application was considered by the Parish Councils Planning and Transportation Committee. The Committee was delighted to have been joined by at least 14 residents and we hope that those who joined the meeting found the proceedings interesting, open and transparent.
As a council we fully understand the concerns felt by some residents regarding the loss of the Merry Boys Public House. That decision was not made by the Parish Council but by the former licensee and by both the former and current owners of the premises. We acknowledge that there has been some talk about a restrictive covenant on the property and having consulted TMBC, we have been informed that as the Local Planning Authority TMBC do not hold information as to whether covenants might exist on private properties and that if such covenants do exist they do not affect the way in which TMBC will assess a planning application. It would instead be for the applicant/developer to address any requirements arising from a covenant.
TMBC has advised that they will accept comments if they are received on or shortly after 20 July. TMBC has further advised that key considerations which ought to be considered included the viability of the premises as a pub, how much local demand there is and alternative provision within easy reach of the village. TMBC has noted that the supporting statement submitted with the application suggests that the use of the pub has been declining for some time and it will be of interest to hear whether local people had a different experience. TMBC has also confirmed that 29th July 2020 is the Governments statutory target for the determination of the planning application over which they have no control.
The closure of the Merry Boys as a Public House is regrettable and we do understand that its loss to the village will have a detrimental impact on some members of the community. The Parish Council however has only been asked to comment on the planning application and after due consideration voted, by a majority, in favour of the planning application.
TMBC has today been advised that whilst the loss of the public house is regrettable, the Parish Council has NO OBJECTION to the planning application subject to TMBC approving an extension in time being afforded to local residents in order to allow those that might wish to make their own individual representations to do so by 20 July 2020.
Individual representations should be made to alternatively, for those who do not have access to the internet, representations addressed to TMBC can be delivered to the Parish Office at the Jubilee Hall and we will be happy to hand deliver them to TMBC on your behalf.