Fraud alert from Kent Police

Published: 23 October 2020

There have been several reports over the past week from people being telephoned by scammers (automated calls) purporting to be from their internet providers. The scammers are saying that the persons internet will be cut off due to illegal activity or low activity. They are then directing them to press the dreaded button 1, where the fraudsters will either try to obtain personal data or normally request you to allow them access to your computer by allowing them to download malicious software. This is with the intention of taking over your system and obtaining access to your online banking etc. when they will then steal your monies.

One such call claimed to be from Open Reach and from an address in London. They were challenged by the person they called, who started asking the scammers questions, the scammers immediately hung up. If you receive any of these calls, please hang up immediately and report it to Action Fraud.

Never allow anyone remote access to your computer and never download any unknown software/apps that allows people access to your system.

Remember your internet provider will never ask you for remote access to your computer. If you are unsure and want to contact your service provider, then please call them via a trusted number. If possible, use an alternative phone than the one you were called on. If you do not have access to another phone then please allow time for your line to clear or call a family member or friend to confirm that the line has cleared, as scammers will try to remain on the line.

Download this notice here