MET Fraudulent Phone Calls

Published: 25 January 2021

Dear residents,

Kent Police have had an increase of calls lately from residents whereby they have received calls on the landline phone from someone claiming to be a Metropolitan Police officer. This officer will claim that someone has been arrested with a cloned card in your name and that they need your help, this officer will tell you their force/collar number and they will tell you to ring 191 (101 is the correct number to call) to confirm with the Metropolitan Police control room. If the person has rung on the landline then they will have an open line for around ten minutes even after you have put the phone down so please make sure you have a dialling tone before you make any further calls or use a mobile phone if you have one?

The scammers will then proceed to tell you that they need you to withdraw large amounts of cash from your bank, but you must not tell anyone or the bank due to someone in the bank giving out fraudulent notes. This is not the case and any Police Force will NOT call members of the Public asking for them to help the Police with an ongoing investigation.

If you receive any unsolicited calls claiming the above, please end the call and report it to Kent Police. The non-emergency number for any Police Force in the UK is 101.

Please think before giving out any private details, bank account/card numbers that it could be a scammer. Remember that Bank’s and Police will never ask for money or passwords and ALWAYS check if the caller is genuine.

Kind Regards