Green Homes Grant Scheme

Published: 08 March 2022

If you are aware of any residents who struggle to heat their home, Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery funding could make their home warmer and help them save on their energy bills. Please find details below and signpost residents interested in hearing more about the scheme to the link/telephone number. Thank you.

Can I get these free energy saving improvements?

To get these improvements your home should have:

an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rated Band E, F or G (D rated can also be considered).


You are likely to be an eligible household if you are on a low income and one of the following applies:

  • If your annual household income is under £30,000, or under £20,000 after rent or mortgage costs,
  • Your household is on means-tested benefits.
  • An allowance will also be made for the number of children in your household, or if you have recently lost income.

What energy saving improvements can I get for my home?

These are the energy and cost-saving upgrades that you may be able to receive in your house:

  • Insulation & ventilation upgrades (to keep your home comfortable in both the winter and summer and help cut your energy bills)
  • An upgrade to a low carbon heating system (to cut your carbon emissions so not gas or oil boilers)
  • Heating Controls (that help save you money because you only use the heat when you need it)
  • Energy Efficient Hot Water Solution (keeping your water warm for longer and saving you money)
  • Solar Thermals panels (to heat your hot water)
  • Solar PV panels (to generate free electricity)
  • Energy Efficiency lighting (cheaper to run)

The upgrades offered will be based on the results of a free survey.

If you have a flat or maisonette not all these improvements can be done but if you would like, we can come and survey your home and talk with you about finding the best solution for your home.

Who pays for the energy saving improvement?

The funding has been allocated to local authorities from central government.

Who is carrying out the work?

All finance applications are made and managed seamlessly on your behalf by Warmworks (managing agent), who also manage all the installation works.

How is the funding being distributed?

Funding is being distributed on a first come first serve basis.

How do I find out more?

Call the Energy Saving Trust free on 0808 196 8255 or visit for more information and to complete the online application form.