Private Members' Ballot

Published: 12 September 2022

On Friday, a Private Members’ Ballot was held in Parliament, where 20 MPs were randomly drawn and each of whom may introduce a new Bill of their choice.

With over 300 MPs now backing the Local Electricity Bill, we are attempting to persuade one of these MPs to choose it as their Ballot Bill.

Might you be able to help spread the word so that these MPs are called on to do so by lots of their constituents? We have made a bespoke webpage to make it simple and efficient.

If you can, that would be fantastic. Here is suggested wording for social media posts, notices etc:

Urgent: help the campaign to boost community-run renewable energy projects: A group of MPs have just been given the opportunity to introduce a new law in Parliament and Power for People are campaigning for them to choose the Local Electricity Bill, which would enable many more community renewable energy schemes. Take action: