East Peckham Surgery – The Latest

Published: 20 July 2017

10/07/17 East Peckham Surgery – The Latest

Thanks are extended to everyone for attending the Consultation Event held on 10 July 2017. Throughout the day there was a steady stream of residents with 87 completed feedback forms received. Over the summer the Parish Council will be evaluating all responses before we convene on 18 September and deliberate the matter further. We thought it would be helpful to share some relevant key statistics and questions that we shall be considering in our deliberations.

Relevant key statistics include:

  • East Peckham has a population of approx. 3,500 people
  • There are 2,222 patients who live in East Peckham and are registered with Woodlands. Of these 1,576 are registered with a GP who holds a surgery in East Peckham.
  • 646 EP residents registered with Woodlands are on a GP’s list who does not attend EP
  • There are approx. 1,278 EP residents who attend surrounding surgeries (Yalding, Hadlow, Wateringbury).
  • About 55% of the EP population who do not/will not use the branch surgery
  • Between 1 Jan 2016 and 31 Dec 2016 19% of EP residents had an appointment at the branch surgery (19% of the 2222 = 422 patients). During the same period 45% of EP residents had an appointment in PW (approx. 1000 patients)
  • East Peckham Surgery is only open limited hours, reflecting the limited number of registered patients using the surgery.
  • Is the surgery only open limited hours because only a limited number of people use it? Or do only a limited number of people use it because it is only open a limited number of hours?
  • For the 422 residents that used the surgery in 2016 a £100k investment would work out at £237 per head but if we look at it as a minimum of a 10 year investment (i.e. the surgery would stay open for at least 10 years) with the same rate of usage then that is £24 per head per year. This assumes that it is the same 422 residents who use the surgery every year, which is unlikely. A larger than £100K investment would alter the figures proportionately.
  • £100k is £63 per head for the 1,576 residents who are eligible to use the branch surgery (over the course of 10 years could we assume that each of these residents would use the surgery at least once?)